1. timbaroo asked: Since you're one of the very few guys I trust to dress well when it comes to respectable menswear, I have a question. I'm a church-going dude who has to dress in formalwear when going to religious activities. I have a problem finding suits that actually fit me, because I'm tall(ish?) and real narrow. I recently stumbled upon a site called indochino, where they design quality suits, custom made, for around $500 a piece. What are your thoughts about that? Seems legit and dope as fuh.

    Seems legit to me. But, don’t forget to keep your local tailors in mind. Not only to support local business but for your own convenience. My guess is that you’re paying ~$500 for the convenience and variability — not quality. You’ll get some of the same quality some $100-200 suit at Macy’s will give you. However, what you get is custom (probably from somewhere in Indochina) but not custom in the sense of what you get from Railcar Finegoods, for example. Likely, they got boxes on boxes of different components and have some grandma put your stuff together and size it.

    But should you care? Pfft…no. It’s a suit. Who cares? The suit game is so overplayed and so overkilled that it’s not worth much time or mental investment. I still think you’d save a lot more money (and time) buying a adequate suit somewhere close and having it tailored in person locally.

    I know what you mean though…I need a suit too. I’m short and skinny. Not easy to find a good suit. Get one and only one. Don’t spend too much effort…because if a dude REALLY needs a suit to look good, he should reconsider his perspective on things.


    The convenience is quite tempting.


  2. What a waste of time. Cloudy as hell…what you see here is the result of post-editing — not an optimum setting.

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  4. I’m having a soft moment, and I guess it’s to commemorate passing my 2K followers milestone…

    I understand that I’m not the kindest dude. So, I appreciate your ability to see beyond that. 

    In other words…FUCK WIT MEH!


  5. New review is up! Both written and video.


  6. Anchors Teddy Boy Matte Review — Lightweight Water-Based Game Changer

    Video review here: http://youtu.be/wVXHRa8rx2M

    After first reviewing Anchors Shape Maker a few weeks ago, I was so impressed that I took it upon myself to work with Anchors to showcase the rest of their line. It’s relatively often to find simple things done well when it comes to the pomade world…and you know me, I’m a very strong supporter of the simple things done right. But…I know I must take notice during the rare times when the crazy things…turn our right.

    The water-based products I’ve had the pleasure of trying out have proven to be on some next level shit. No lie. It’s been a long time waiting, but we now have before us a water-based pomade that LITERALLY never ever dries and styles exactly like an oil-based product. I guess the only sacrifice is that this product cannot attain a heavy hold to ensure the wax can always be washed completely — that’s my guess. Nevertheless, I highly encourage everyone to try a water-based product from Anchors whether it be the original or matte. It’s an eye opener to where the market is headed.

    Without further ado, allow me to introduce you to Anchors Teddy Boy Matte. As shown below, it is in more general terms…a water-based dry matte wax. The smaller jar is the 2.7oz. while the larger is the 4.5oz. jar. Nicely packaged in a blue color scheme — a color rarely used in this market.


    Inside is, as you can see, a beautiful off-white cream. The scent for Teddy Boy Matte is very similar to that of Shape Maker Pomade. You’ll find a cherry-like scent that is accented by a menthol sensation — this is actually in all truth, reminiscent of cherry-flavored Robitussin.


    The most interesting part is the texture of the product itself. Honestly, it feels like toothpaste. This makes it super easy to evenly distribute in the hair and just as smooth to comb through. It is unlike the Original (aka Shape Maker). The Original has a more brittle texture, but the Teddy Boy Matte is smooth as hell. It is a pleasure to apply this pomade.



    Time. This pomade is advertised a reduced hold and reduced shine variation of their original pomade. Thus, it will take more time and skill to style with this pomade. It is most comparable to a lightweight oil-based pomade in its characteristics.  This is a trade-off…for more time, you will get a more natural pompadour.

    Slick. I heard others having issues with the original catching all their stray hairs. I’ve had the complete opposite experience. It seems for those with excessively thick and wavy hair may have problems trying to stay real clean with this product. But honestly, you can trust in the pictures that this is some seriously slick shit.

    Strength. It is only a slight step down in terms of hold in comparison to the Original. Control, however, is virtually the same.






    Simply put. You must try either this or the Teddy Boy Original. It not only receives my seal of approval, but I personally recommend you to try this. Not just for you hair, but to break down assumptions about water-based products.

    More information on Anchors Teddy Boy Matte can be found here.


  7. duning4life asked: Just wondering what your input on Pendleton shirts are, my friend has some and they are really nice

    I know them and have only heard of them really as a fabric company. They have a shop in Torrance nearby my brother’s apartment but it’s not a clothing boutique by any means.

    As for their regular clothes, it seems too much like I-wear-boat-shoes material. Thus, I don’t pay attention to any of their stuff, BUT I do take notice whenever someone else collaborates with them. Some alright stuff, but nothing I’d make an concerted effort to attain.


  8. jamesgerman asked: Hey dude. How long do you expect it to be before you'll be unable to style a pompadour? You're able to style a topknot now, just curious as to how long it'll be before the transition is complete.

    My current projections are at like…another 2-3 months. It’s been still relatively easy to style my hair despite the length (the duckass has been a straight bish to keep clean though). But mostly, it’s because I want to be able to style a full and clean topknot before doing so consistently. I don’t have enough length in the back to bring it up into the knot.


  9. plays: 466

    *Plays whenever I stroll into a room.*


  10. Went out to Berkeley to support Cal VSA.


  11. Anonymous asked: Hey James, just tryna look out. The "reviews" to the right is misspelled. Have a good day brother

    Shit. I’ll fix when I get home tonight.



  13. lumberjackwithhumanhair asked: Hey James, your blog is pretty cool man, Here's some pretty basic q's coming at ya if you'd like to answer them. 1. Have you tried any of the High Life pomades? And if so what is your opinion of them? 2. This isn't really a question but thank you so much for introducing me to Mr. pomade and his fantastic site man! 3. Sadly, I've had an undercut for about a year now and I've finally decided to rid myself of it and grow out my sides into a respectable cut. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I only tried the High Life line once it was sold over to Dax. I’ve used the Voodoo Brew and the Medium, I believe. You’ll have a review of the Voodoo Brew near the bottom of the list of pomade reviews…it was a relatively early review.

    I honestly do not like the line and have not used it since trying it for the first few times.


  14. naldo82 asked: Hey there, recently had a bad accident which left me with a nasty scar right on the top of my dome. Starting to grown my hair , love the page and need some advice on some strong hair products that'll hold my hair in place. Just any recommendations! I'm new to the hair world and need guidance. Thank you #lovethepage

    Scroll through the product reviews and focus on reading about the ‘heavy’ products. Then on the hair FAQs, you’ll find relevant docs to help you get started.


  15. sabreisk asked: Hey there! I recently found your blog and I like it a lot! I started wearing my hair a particular kind of way about a year ago, and it's kind of turned into a pompadour. I think the pompadour is a good look, and everyone loves my hair(especially me), but I'm still playing around with the length of the sides and overall color. I'd really like to dye it some sort of funky neon color. What do you think of girls with pompadours and/or brightly or oddly colored pompadours?

    I can’t honestly say I’m fond of ‘brightly or oddly colored pompadours’…or ‘brightly or oddly colored’ hair in general. But what do I think of girls with pompadours? I think it’s all legit and what not. I’ve seen it done right and of course, seen it done wrong. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about it, so I don’t have any solid opinions on it other than…it can be done.